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Friday, February 8, 2008

Runner up in West Jet photo contest

Well, I made it in the top ten in Westjet's annual photo contest. Only the top three are published, but I am featured with the other 6 runners-up on their web site:

You have to click on the photo that won to see the rest. There are little right and left arrows at the bottom of the photo to step through them. If you want to go right to mine, hit the left arrow, since I'm last.

Bring the camera...

"Bring the camera..." Seems a simple enough maxim for an amateur photographer. Yet until recently I've been lacking in this area. I do a pretty good job of hauling around my camera despite its size, but I don't often bring more than the basic standard zoom. At Christmas I received a Lowepro Slingshot bag. It has already made a big difference in what I take with me. I can carry my camera with portrait grip, standard zoom, 70-200mm zoom, two flashes, lensbaby, wireless transmitter, batteries, chargers, a rocket blower and memory cards. This weekend I emptied the bag of the various flash accessories, but left in the lenses and camera. I struck out on a hour and 15 minute showshoe trek and ended up in the presence of a woodpecker. Fortunately, I had my telephoto in the bag on my back. I ended up with this picture:

Not going to win any contests, but not remotely possible with my standard zoom.