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Friday, February 8, 2008

Bring the camera...

"Bring the camera..." Seems a simple enough maxim for an amateur photographer. Yet until recently I've been lacking in this area. I do a pretty good job of hauling around my camera despite its size, but I don't often bring more than the basic standard zoom. At Christmas I received a Lowepro Slingshot bag. It has already made a big difference in what I take with me. I can carry my camera with portrait grip, standard zoom, 70-200mm zoom, two flashes, lensbaby, wireless transmitter, batteries, chargers, a rocket blower and memory cards. This weekend I emptied the bag of the various flash accessories, but left in the lenses and camera. I struck out on a hour and 15 minute showshoe trek and ended up in the presence of a woodpecker. Fortunately, I had my telephoto in the bag on my back. I ended up with this picture:

Not going to win any contests, but not remotely possible with my standard zoom.


Linda said...

hey how did you find out you were a runner up and how long after you found out you were, did you know the winners? Linda

Brad C said...

I think they e-mailed for some additional information about the shot, and to confirm my name, etc. I didn't know if I'd won or not until they put the results on the web site. It wasn't too long after (week?). I just checked their website from time to time after being contacted.