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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2000 Sales

My stock photo sales are ticking right along - I passed 2000 sales this month! Here are some recent uploads:

Happy baby


Boy fishing


Lakey said...

Hi there,

I got to your blog from www. Your ID struck me as I also have recently bought a Canon 40D.

You probably may not have heard of Bhutan, from where I am. If you have, nice and great!

I am quite inspired by your pictures. I am a civil servant trying to pursue photography as a serious hobby. But with not a single photography school or a club, it's hard to pick up or hone one's skills.

I know the lens one uses also has a serious part to play. I wait for the day when I can produce crisp and clear outstanding pictures like the ones featured on your blog and on dreamstime.

I hope to keep in touch and learn from you, if that doesn't sound too intrusive! I will be greatly honoured!

Brad C said...

Welcome to my blog - I've definitely heard of Bhutan. I spent a year volunteering in Bangladesh and thought about taking a side trip to Bhutan, but never ended up with enough time... Thanks for the comments on the photos - if there is anything I can help you with at DT, let me know...