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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dreamstime ups prices, lowers levels

Interestingly, Dreamstime has announced that the number of credit per sale will go up in January, and they have also lowered the levels required to hit higher credit values. Both good per sale for contributors, but will buyers go elsewhere?

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Luis said...

Hi! I am close to have a 2level photo and questioned myself..! Will that photo stop selling, or less sales because of price??.. Guess quality is a requirement to continue the sales..

Brad C said...

Surprisingly, I would say the opposite - higher levels don't seem to reduce sales, and further the more downloads you get the better your visibility in a Downloads-Descending search. If someone want to search for 'high quality' images they can restrict their search to Level 2 and above, which you would suddenly start appearing in. I have a shot of an apple - of which there are many on DT - and it is now Level 4.

Dreamstime is after profit, at the end of the day, and they make more money too if a buyer gets a higher level image. There is a balance between raising prices/levels to get more profit, and ultimately reducing overall sales. The fact that they keep testing the waters and increasing both levels and pricing makes it clear that buyers aren't THAT price concious.

Luis said...

Thanks for your detail!! I guess I can't wait to have a second level photo.. :)

merry xmas! :)