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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Instant success!

I love it when an image sells for the first time within a few days of initial upload. I've had a few of those lately, and it always makes me feel like I know something about shooting for stock - but then I look at the other 19 from the same day :)

Brick wall
© Photographer: Bradcalkins

Yes - brick has been done before, but I've noticed that the Pansonic GF1's 12 MP files seem to get more attention. Not sure if it is coincidence or not, but if you are looking for a background texture I don't know why you wouldn't want the most pixels...

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but lately my sales seem to be on a real roll. I had an EL sale today, and yesterday managed to bring in 23 sales!


Luis said...

Yes, I can add that I am feeling a increase in DT and other agencies.. I guess it is the hard work and uploading :)

congrats for the EL, never had one at DT :(

Brad C said...

It has been going nicely - I requested a payout on the 22nd, and was ready for another on the 25th!