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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Year over year microstock progress

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There are lots of ways of measuring progress in the Stock Photography business, but my favorite is to look at my year over year increase in sales.  As one continues to upload you hope (expect!) that your sales will grow too.  I like to take the comparison a step further and divide by the increase in online photos.  If the result is above 100% then you are increaseing revenue faster than you are increasin your portfolio.  Comparing to the previous year's month in this way helps avoid some of the month to month jitter - if July sales are always lower for me I shouldn't get excited about a better August.  Looking at my portfolio this way I am very pleased!  Below is a graph starting about a year in (hard to do year over year in the first year!) - it shows that every month I've increased revenue per photo online faster than I've been uploading, very encouraging!  Surely a large part of this is the fact that DT files sell for more as they rise through the levels, but whatever the reason its working for me...

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