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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Critque of my own photos

Well, I probably won't do much actual critiquing, as I'm intending to show some photos I really like...  Lately I've been focused on gear and stock photography on this blog as I sorted out my various equipment, but all along I've been happily taking shots of my kids that I really enjoy.  I intend to step it up a bit in 2011 and focus a bit on developing my style.  I find I tend to do things the 'safe' way, and while I have developed my skills in terms of exposure and getting sharp photos, I now need to turn more to composition and concept.

This shot of the kids sledding is one I think worked out nicely.  I've got my son dead center in the frame, but I think it works well because of the other kids in the upper right, and the space it leaves for him to move into...  It also has a kind of nice diagonal flow to it, from the upper right and through the sled to the bottom left.  I'm not sure if his expression is one of worry or just concentration - probably the latter as at this point he hadn't bailed yet :)  That said I think this is an example of a safe shot - but still one I really enjoy looking at.

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Luis said...

I agree totally, the space on the left could be good for designers.. I have also heard that we should never had a person on the end of the frame (like leaving the scene), sometimes we need to forget all rules and try right? they will work other way also!.. great photo :)