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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Higher ISO on 7D

It is pretty amazing what you get nowadays at higher ISOs.  The shot on the left is ISO 160 and the right is 640 on my Canon 7D (click to see uncompressed at 100%).  This is SOOC with no noise reduction applied in Lightroom.  Bottom line is that I won't hesitate to use higher ISOs for shots I'm going to print or use personally.


Eric Côté said...

I shoot up to 3200 ISO often on my 5D Mark II and the results are very good. I'd say it's comparable (and maybe a bit better) than what I get at 800 ISO on my XSi. It's awesome for concert photography. Those camera are getting better and better at this.

bubbles said...

my canon 7D does not perform like this sadly :( at ISO 160, I have to push LR's noise reduc. to 50 or 70%. to get an image like the one on the left.

Sadly, it was sent back 5 times, and always came back the same. Nice that you got a good one atleast.

bubbles said...

My Canon 7D does not produce these results. At ISO 160, I need to be in the noise reduc. of 50% or so in Lightroom to get results that are accepted by microstock. :( COngrats on getting a good model though, wish I could say the same, lol.

Brad C said...

Hmmm, definitely shouldn't need that much NR. How do you have the other controls set? i.e. mask, color, detail, sharpness? Too much sharpness, not enough mask results in a lot of 'grain'. See this post on my new blog for an even smaller sensor camera and ISO1600: