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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lightroom 3 Release

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I've downloaded and tried out the version 3 beta of Adobe's Lightroom. Adobe has now released version 3 for sale. I'm very seriously considering taking the plunge into an all RAW workflow with Lightroom. Anyone had any success stories (or not) with Lightroom?


Luis said...

GIMP amateur here eheh :P

Eric Côté said...

I made the switch to LR maybe one and a half year ago (from Apple Aperture) and I do 98% of everything in LR today. I could not live without it. I'm shooting RAW since 3 years now and I would certainly not go back to shooting jpeg. You have way more control over your RAW files. LR3 is very nice. Some very good new features (noise removal, lens correction, better sharpness, etc.). It might take you a couple of weeks to be fully functionnal but you will not regret it Brad. There is a good book by Scott Kelby to get you started on the right track: Lightroom for Photographers. I guess the version 3 of the book will be out soon (if it's not already). I have some video tutorials on my blog if your french isn't too rusty ;)