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Friday, January 8, 2010

Ski season

I've been planning on this image for a while, and fortunately got some ski goggles for Christmas. Getting something new helps same time as you don't have to clean out any dust and scratches prior to shooting... I made use of a mountain image for the reflection. I like this type of image as it doesn't take much time, but is a lot more dramatic that just a shot of goggles. I would imagine that any magazine using this for an article would probably highlight actual products - and therefore wouldn't buy a logo free shot. Thus, my target audience is someone looking for generic googles - and this calls your attention a bit more than just goggles. It also helps to hide the logos on the strap that you would otherwise see through the lens.

Ski goggles
© Photographer: Bradcalkins | Agency:

I had the idea of a hockey goal shot while skating at the rink, but it proved to be quite hard to get. I had my son throw the puck repeatedly into the net so the net was sort of bulged out with the puck. Looked better than this shot, I think, but I just couldn't get it sharp and in focus. Thus I settled on this shot...

Hockey goal
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Luis said...

the goggles are very nice, what about tilting them a bit? I guess the buyer can do that very easily also!

I don't know nothing sorry for the comment!