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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vacation pays off?

I basically managed to pay for our trip to Hawaii last November with stock photo earnings... Which is great! But even better, the trip is now paying for itself. Today marks the day that I got a full payout ($100) just from the trip! That took about 4 months, so I should be able to go back to Hawaii every couple of years now, right ? :)

Couple of the more popular shots:

© Photographer: Bradcalkins

My family looked at me funny when I took this one, but I got the last laugh:

Computer crash
© Photographer: Bradcalkins

© Photographer: Bradcalkins

© Photographer: Bradcalkins

1 comment:

Luis said...

Yeah sometimes family says this and that, and in stock he never know, I liked it a lot, the "tilting" gets the picture to another level! congrats