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Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter through a pocket camera

Snow ghosts

We recently took the kids up to Big White for a week and the Panasonic GF-1 proved to be a capable companion to my Canon 40D. There was no way I would have taken the 40D along when helping a 2 year old ski - the GF-1 slipped into my jacket pocket nicely.

Ski jump

Of note is that unlike my old Canon G10, niether of these shots needed noise reduction or downsampling to get a sharp image. Again - not shots you couldn't have done with the G10 or another compact, but ones that saved some steps in my workflow and resulted in higher resolution files.

One point about using the LCD to compose in bright winter conditions - I can no longer say that I haven't noticed the LCD washing out in bright sun. While totally sufficient for composing, it was pretty hard to judge exposure other than on the histogram (which is fine). On the other hand, I could shoot with my ski goggles on - greatly speeding up the process and allowing me to get more shots without annoying people I was skiing with :) I should also add that I was able to take shots, adjust EV and shutter speed without taking off my mitts (not gloves, mitts!).

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